The Eyes of the Storm


Day 1, Day 2

Carlyle, Annabelle and Barthalomew awake with the pleasantries of the evening before still fresh on their minds and the aftertaste of remorse in their mouths. Tim, a stowaway, watches initially from behind a crate – but fumbles when he tries to follow and reveals himself.

Establish staffing via climbing contest – a terrified Carlyle wins and is assigned to rigging. Annabelle tries, but after a number of falls and stalls ends up a few feet behind. Barthalomew and Tim opt for whipping in leiu of contest.

Annabelle and Barthelemew swabs

Tim convinces Scourge to station him with the cook.

Annabelle’s Day 1:

Cleans the bilge with a human lady named Tilly Bracket. The lowest deck also serves as the Briggs, with 6 sets of shackles anchored to the wall, one filled with a young man who spends the day wailing. She ignores him and focuses on getting through the day.

At the end of ther days chores, all are called to deck where it is announces that before dinner punishment is served. The man from the manacles is brought up, clearly heavily beaten, where Quinn (a redheaded shipmate) is threatened into healing him, she heals him by pressing a large conch into his person.

Carlyl bravely walks up antis whipped nearly to death. Tim talk his way out of 3 lashes, bringing his whipping downt to only 3, and Barthalomew follows. Quinn heals, at least partially, all three.

Maheem follows, takes his whipping and no healing.

Man in shackles is kicked overboard and dragged in the wake of the ship by rope (keel-hauled). Jakes Magpie, is pulled up and found horrifically mangled and predictably dead. Then fed to the sharks. An example of what is at stake.

After dinner, a delicious fish stew courtesy of Tim and Fishguts, a round of Rum is dispensed. Annabelle, Carlyle and Barthalomew get a burst of confidence but feel a bit weak. Tim fakes it.

Annabelle’s Night 1:

Sneaks out and up to explore the middle hold of the ship. She initially finds a large open area where large weapons are stored, as well as pigs, and a very large man chained to the front mast. She approaches him and introduces herself. His name is Alber, and has clearly been tarred and feathered. He seems dumb (literally, mentally handicapped) but friendly, and expresses an interest in eating small, live crabs.

She further explores the quarter master and galley cooks quarters, but upon seeing a small flock of chickens and a sleeping man. Weighing risk of cackling against the likelyhood of waking a drunken man, opts not to go in. In the galley she finds goatsloosed fromtheir pens and more chickens. A quick glance reveals a mess of a kitchen, including two barrels of rum and a vast number of cooking utensils with a vast array of knives. Closer inspection reveals that two of the knives are in fact a nice set of hand axes.

The quarter store appears tightly padlocked,including the various trunks and cupboards and two additional barrels of rum. Annabelle notes, that with a good look, the screen actually is actually not clasped shut and could easily be pushed open.

Day 2

The four pirates-in-training are accosted by four shipmates who accost them. Weaponless, they attempt (with mixed success) to intimidate themselves out of a fight. Blows are thrown, spells are cast and eventually Barty is able to disarm ____, Carlyle grabs the dagger and ends the fight with a threat. Daily duties are assigned on-deck.

Annabelle’s Day 2

Runner, works hard to run messages – does it with success and no fatigue.



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